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A natural solution for a healthier life style

The most important part of our system is you: your willingness and discipline to reach your goal of losing weight.

  “The Q” is dedicated to coaching you to a better and balanced lifestyle through inspiration and proven systems. Most of our customers come to us looking for weight loss and find their way to a healthier and better balanced lifestyle once they follow our system.

     Consisting of custom treatments with auriculotherapy (ear pressure point) treatments combined with our customized food guides, which helps stimulate weight loss without the use of medication and fad diets. On the contrary, our goal is to bring a more balanced life, enjoying natural foods, reduced stress days, and professional support using the latest technologies. We offer our exclusive App that helps us track your progress and eases communication with your Holistic Health Coach!

Initial Consultation

Client discusses weight goals, fills out intake form weighs in and is treated ( Ear Pellets are placed ON Specific points in the ear helping control appetite and anxiety) We go over their meal plan with them answer any questions and schedule their appointment for the following week. THESE ARE WEEKLY SESSIONS. Meal plans are changed depending on clients progress.

You can loose the weight while feeling amazing.

At “The Q” we use Auriculotherapy to positively stimulate your nervous and digestive systems, placing temporarily disposable, diminutive pellets at specific spots on your ear, making your body feel better. Feeling healthier and happier will make you ready to rapidly loose those extra pounds.

Our system will reduce anxiety, thus making you avoid eating in excess, and will make you digest your food better. It will even help you with other discomfort such as minor pains, migraines, stress, etc.

Our weight loss system is 100% natural, without negative secondary effects and is totally based on fresh foods, such as meats, fruits and vegetables. You can loose from 3 – 9 pounds the first week if followed correctly.

We can also improve other conditions associated with being overweight, complementing medical treatments.

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off, while eating food that tastes amazing?

Are you sick of being bloated, gassy, and dealing with digestive issues regularly?

Are you ready to feel amazing, again?

Do you want to regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and prevent chronic disease?

Are you ready to leave exhaustion and moodiness behind you?

Progress Review

We review progress re-treat (we alternate ears every week) for example First week left ear treatment 2nd week right ear is treated. Client weighs in and questions are answered.

Weighs In

We measure your overall weight and track your total body fat and water weight percentages.

Alternate Ears

One week left ear is treated the following week the right ear.  Helping shed pound and inches.

Q & A

Advance Treatment

We ask clients if they prefer to fill out a more complex intake form to see if there are other treatments that may better their current health. Example: any pain they’d like to target (Migraine, Headaches, Sciatic, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain…to name a few) or if they’d like to get treated to stop smoking or insomnia. If they’d like any other treatments aside from the weightloss program we discuss at that time on a case by case basis the price of such treatment and how often it needs to be treated.

With Auriculotherapy, a treatment born in France in 1950, based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques, we balance several functions of your body through precise pressure points in the ear. With Auriculotherapy we help you reach both body balance and stress reduction, which provokes compulsive eating. Our goal is to maintain a relaxed body, balancing its digestive and metabolic functions, creating the right mood to follow a healthier lifestyle.

In our modality, we use diminutive pellets. These pellets are placed superficially on the ear’s skin, they are substituted during every visit, and they are non invasive and painless.

Our food guides are easy to follow and they are adapted periodically to make them work the best for you. When followed correctly, they will affect positively your health. They help you to maintain excellent nutrition while you are shedding weigh. At THE Q, our food guides are not rigorous, do not force quantity consumption, so you never have to weight or limit your food avoiding hunger.

With Auriculotherapy and our 100% natural diet you will lose weight.

At The “Q” we use Auriculotherapy to stimulate positively your nervous and digestive systems, placing temporarily disposable, diminutive pellets placed on at specific spots of your ear, making your body feel better. Feeling better and happier will make you be ready to dump weight rapidly.

Our system will reduce anxiety, thus making you avoid eat in excess, and will make you digest better your food. It will even help you with other discomfort such as minor pains, migranes, stress, etc. Our weight loss system is 100% natural, without negative secondary effects, totally based in fresh food, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Q & A

Of course! Our program is completely safe as you won’t have to take any products such as pills, milkshakes, or other, that can harm your health.

Our nutrition guides are prepared by experts and are customized for the specific needs of each of our clients, so you can be sure they are well balanced and designed for your lifestyle.

The pellets we put on your ear for auriculotherapy are made of metal, so you should not have any allergic reaction.

The material we place on your ear is 100% safe. People who are very sensitive may have a slight warm sensation during the first 30 minutes. Otherwise, what you’ll notice is less stress, less anxiety, a better digestion… you’ll even sleep better!

Yet, remember that during the first week you may feel the effects of the changes you’ve made in your diet. If at some point you feel a little dizzy, weak, or have a headache, try getting half an orange or some candy; those are normal symptoms due to the lack of the amount of sugar your body is accustomed to. If they don’t go away, call your therapist immediately.

No. The pellets we place over your ear are very small and put only a slight pressure over the ear skin, without penetrating it. 

Not at all! With our program you won’t have a “rebound effect”. Your body will adapt little by little to its new weight and will be able to stabilize it. Our method doesn’t accelerate your metabolism artificially.

At The Q our objective is that you adopt new lifelong habits that, being healthy and easy to follow, you can incorporate into your daily life forever. Besides, to help you with your process, we offer you a FREE maintenance program, specially designed for each of our clients. So, don’t hesitate and ask your therapist about our program.

At The Q we’ll give you Food Guides that will help you have a healthy diet and cut back on the cravings, which makes us suffer so much during pregnancy. Our purpose is that you and your baby stay healthy, but that you can easily get back to your old weight. During pregnancy, we don’t use pellets as they should be avoided during this stage.

Of course! At The Q we have designed a safe program that can be taken by children from 6 on up.

Our Food Guides are perfectly balanced and 100% safe for everyone. However, if you’re using insulin or other diabetes medication, you’d better ask your doctor first and follow his/her instructions.

Generally, the pellets stay in their place the whole week, but if they fall down during the first 5 days, you can always come back to your clinic where they’ll be replaced immediately and for free.

Nothing in particular. You can carry out your daily activities and take a bath without worrying. We recommend you not to rub them. We also recommend not using earphones, or air pods on ear that is being treated to prevent pushing one into the ear cavity.

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