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Looking for a natural weight loss to reach your goals?

Well, look no further. The Q provides you with a totally natural system, without negative secondary effects.

How? By using ear acupressure, a natural and gentle way that may help you decrease your appetite, release endorphins, relax, and reduce your food cravings and temptations to eat. This alongside our suggested food guides, promotes a healthier lifestyle, without the use of medicines or crazy diets. On the contrary, our goal is to bring a more pleasurable life, enjoying natural food, reduced-stress days, and professional support.

Did you know? Your ear contains a microsystem of points affecting all major body parts and organs throughout your entire body! This is called Auriculotherapy.

The Q not only can help with your weight loss goals but also has a professional tool that uses the same principles as acupuncture, without needles! This tool detects active acupoints, and then can stimulate them at the touch of a button. Helping with pain, addictions, and many other disorders.

Ask us for further details on other modalities we might be able to help you with.

Improving health by inspiring healthy living

Consisting of custom treatments with auriculotherapy (ear pressure points) treatments combined with our customized food guides, which helps stimulate weight loss without the use of medication and fad diets. On the contrary, our goal is to bring a more balanced life, enjoying natural foods, reduced stress days, and professional support using the latest technologies.

We offer our exclusive App that helps us track your progress and eases communication with your Holistic Health Coach!

How we work with clients…

Initial Consultation

Fill out intake form, discuss goals, weigh in, initial placement of ear pellets on specific points takes place. Weekly follow up visit scheduled.


Progress Review

Review progress, re-treat (we alternate ears every week) for example First week left ear treatment 2nd week right ear is treated. Client weighs in and questions are answered.


Additional Treatments

We ask clients if they prefer to fill out a more complex intake form to see if there are other treatments that may better their current health. Example: specific pain they’d like to target.

Start your weight loss journey with The "Q" food guides!

Sometimes, overweight happens by poor eating habits, stress, lack of nutritional education or lack of time to properly prepare and consume meals. We will help you to overcome these factors.

Best of all, you will see positive results quickly!

We can also improve other related conditions complementing medical treatments that you may be following.

Client Success Stories

My name is Isabel, I started The Quantum leap holistic diet exactly one week ago and I’ve already lost 9 pounds. I am beyond thrilled and extremely happy with my results. I feel fantastic, healthy and full of energy. The diet to me has been easy and the results are amazing, It truly works!!!!!! I can’t wait to continue my journey and melt the weight off. Thank you Pia, for your amazing coaching and guidance. You’re the best !!!!!!

Elizabeth B. Pazos

Miami, FL

I took the LEAP!!! I’m looking forward to a happier and healthier ME! Pia is amazing and passionate about what she does. I’m looking forward to this journey alongside with her knowledge and expertise.

Lisa Leon

Miami, FL




Our system consists of two fundamental parts:


With Auriculotherapy, a treatment born in France in 1950, based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques, we balance several functions of your body through precise pressure points in the ear. With Auriculotherapy we help you reach both body balance and stress reduction, which provokes compulsive eating.


When followed correctly not only do you shed unwanted pounds but your overall health is impacted in a positive way. You will not only see but feel the difference.

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